Buy whatever you want Online with Bitcoin!

Buy anything from internet with Bitcoin safely, securely, and easily.

Bitcoin is not Like other e-currencies or cards that can be used anywhere on the Internet to purchase things or services online.

There are only a few companies that are accepting Bitcoin Payments from their users, like Microsoft and Overstock.

Most of the online companies don’t accept Bitcoin payments because of its extreme volatility.

In this Article, I will tell you how you can use Bitcoin to shop your favorite products online.

Step 1. Go to Bitrefill

Bitrefill is an online platform where you can buy Gift Cards and top-up your Airtime using almost all major cryptocurrencies. Create an account on Bitrefill by CLICKING HERE. After you have successfully created an account on Bitrefill, follow step 2.

Step 2. Go to is a well known and old website since 2002, It issues virtual prepaid cards that can be used anywhere on the Internet. Create an Account on this website and verify it by providing your documents.

Step 3. Go to Bitrefill and Search for CashU

Click on CashU International from results.

On the next Page Select Bitcoin or whatever Cryptocurrency you are intended to buy with.

Select the Amount and make the payment using your selected cryptocurrency.

After successful payment, you will receive gift code and instructions for how you apply the code, then go to and redeem your Code.

Step 4. Use CashU Prepaid Virtual Card anywhere where MasterCard is accepted.

You will get a prepaid virtual card from CashU that can be used anywhere on the Internet to buy physical goods or online services.


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