Make money online in your spare time with these 3 simple ways.

Money is everyone’s need. In this post, I am listing 3 good websites where you can make some extra bucks in your spare time by completing short tasks or doing funny things. You can work on these websites whenever you get some time.

If you want to make money by completing short jobs (e.g Liking someone’s Facebook Page, Following someone on Twitter, Posting comments on someone’s Youtube Video, Subscribing Youtube Channel, Writing 50 words Article, Posting comments on blog, Searching on Google, Rating someone’s Android Application on Google Playstore, etc. ) then is made up for you. You can earn some extra cash by completing simple jobs that require no more than 1 to 3 minutes to complete. Similarly you can hire other people to complete your short jobs.

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If you are Good at something, You can cash-out your speciality on is a place where you can offer your services for money. For example, If you are good at designing a logo than you can offer your service here by creating a gig and setting up your own price. You can offer almost any service you are good at on fiverr and make some extra money.

    • In this era of smartphones, everyone is a photographer. If photography is your hobby and you are good at this, then you can earn hundreds of dollars per month by enjoying your hobby and uploading photos on Shutterstock, they have thousands of big companies who are ready to pay you for your photos.


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